50 Cent: “I think they might kill him”

February 5, 2008 Andale Arriba!

<<… and by the time he gets to his trademark crescendo conclusion, every person in the arena is standing:

“There’s a time in every generation when that spirit of hopefulness has to come through, when each of us has to cast aside the doubt and the cynicism and we decide to join hands and remake this country. This is our moment, this is our time, and if you will stand with me and vote for me on Tuesday … if you are not willing to settle for what the cynics tell you that you have to accept … but you are willing to reach for what is possible, then I promise you, we will not just win the primary, we will win the general election and you and I will transform this country and we will change the world.”>>

Obama’s Message Evolving; by Alec MacGillis, from THE TRAIL: a Daily Diary of Campaign 2008
Washington: com

“I think she could do a good job. There’s nothing bad about Obama in my eyes either, but I think Hillary would be my choice. I don’t think America is ready to have a black president. I think they might kill him.”

G-Unit rapper 50 Cent.

quoted from “Super Tuesday and The Celebrity Who Favor Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton & more”
Media Archive, MemphisRap.com

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